DTG Viper Direct to Garment Printer


The DTG Viper is the industry benchmark printer for those looking to expand their existing businesses. Designed to meet the needs of all sign, embroidery, trophy, graphics studios and more, the DTG Viper will supplement and compliment your business. 

Engineered and built for durability and consistent print accuracy, vibrancy and most importantly white ink reliability! A large 420mm (17″) print width combined with a flexible 2-up shirt loading system, allows you to print to a wider range of products and increases production and profitability. 


WIMS (white ink management system)


WIMS finally offers a manageable white ink production process that delivers superior detail, vibrancy and all while offering a level of consistency unheard of in other direct to garment printers. WIMS pressurises, circulates and filters your ink without excessive and costly ink waste. Coupled with a 1″ inch ink repelling coated piezo printhead, reliability and print quality repeatability is achieved as standard. The DTG Viper and WIMS system are precise engineering solutions that just work! 


Removable platen System

The unique conveyor drive system with a simple ‘lift-off’ removable platen allows even greater productivity. Simply add a second platen system and prep your garments while the machine is printing, to create a “quick-swap” workflow environment. For ease of use finished garments can either be returned to the front of the machine (if you are operating in a tight area) or can be ejected to the rear of the printer for faster garment reloading.